What Is

Alternative Transport Week?

Alternative Transport Week is a challenge to people, businesses and organisations to ditch their car and choose other methods of travel such as bus, bike and foot. Please check us out on social media for the next Alternative Transport Week and for more details.

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Why Take Part In

Alternative Transport?


Cycling or walking to work is better for your fitness and doing it when you'd ordinarily be in a car, saves times and money.


Walking and cycling is better for your health and fitness and travelling by bus is more social and care free. Getting out of our cars means more fresh air and connection with our environment.


Most greenhouse gas emissions come from road transport. Reducing the number of cars on our roads will have a dramatic effect on our ability to reduce our overall emissions.


Using a car necessitates parking and additional costs. Using a bike or walking means you can get closer to your ultimate destination. Travelling by bus and walking means you don't need to worry about parking.


Walking, cycling and bussing inherently involves more people engagement, meaning that as a community we come together better rather than being isolated in our own cars.


Without cars and car parking dominating our infrastructure we can claim back that space for gardens and open spaces for everyone to enjoy. Emergency and delivery vehicles can operate with less hindrance and cost.


Maintaining cars and parking is very costly. Whilst walking and buses don't require any maintenance or parking, even a bike comes with free parking and much lower initial outlay and maintenance costs.


If travelling to a destination is dominated by cars, it puts the safety of all other route users in danger, even if using a pavement. Rebalancing the focus on travel routes to pedestrians (including children), cyclists, horses and other vulnerable users makes all routes safer for everyone.

Get On Your Bike

Get on your bikes, with friends and families, to cycle into work for the week and skip past traffic with a door to door commute.

Take A Back Seat

Take a back seat on your commute by letting someone else do the driving and go by bus. Spend your journey talking with family and friends or catch up on your reading.

Walk To Work

Walk to work, enjoy the sunshine and the beauty of our islands. Get those legs going and improve your health and wellness with a daily walk.

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